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I am Kevin Smith. Am I “the” Kevin Smith – the guy who filmed Clerks and Dogma? No, not him, but I am happy to take any misdirected glory and do have prior claims to the name, since I was born before he was. Am I bitter? There have always been Kevin Smiths around. Even at work, I had to be Kevin.J.Smith on the company’s email because another one happened to be registered before me. There were other Kevin Smiths, too. I used to get emails intended for them, about lubricants or drilling, which I would read as being more interesting than my usual finance stuff, then politely write back to the sender pointing out the error. However, this would not stop a small flurry of “Reply All” emails flooding in. Trickling in. As for getting a domain name when you’re a Smith…

I am now a person of independent means. This sounds better than “retired” or “pensioner”, though the truth is that in 2010 my company, Shell, paid me to go away a few years before my expected retirement date and gave me a sufficient pension that I didn’t have to find more work.

Now I write. This blog is a part of it. The main part, though, is a novel that I started many years ago, put down while I had a family and career, and took up again just before I retired. It is now complete and I am workout not on the sequel… I was a member of Woking Writers Circle, for which I wrote short stories and poetry and other stuff, though now I have moved to Cornwall it’s a little hard to keep up the membership, which is a pity.

i also write for the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN), having become its communications director in 2014. This includes the newsletter every couple of months, press releases, tweets and various other stuff.

I am fortunate in that writing is well understood by my wife, Diana, who was also a member of Woking Writers Circle and has written more than one novel. She has completed publishing a serialised novel “Thirteen Months” on her (political) website, but sadly it is no longer available.

I have two grown up children – Eleanor, who has a post-doc job at Oxford University researching the structure of proteins and is married, and Tris who has a degree in Experimental Psychology, also from Oxford University.

My blog is a public diary, open to family and friends. It’s open to everyone else as well, but I haven’t been overwhelmed by unrelated readers…

17th January 2014

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  1. Dear Kevin
    My name is Belinda Eldridge and I am the daughter of John Robert Smith formerly of Wymeswold and now Somerby, who is your cousin. His father was Robert Smith and yours, I believe, Sidney Smith. I am currently doing the family tree and Dad said that David has already done an inordinate amount of research and whilst he was the Canadian equivalent of the Vice Chancellor of Toronto University, he doesn’t have any contact details for him. I wondered if you were in touch with him at all and if so, if you would mind passing him my e-mail.

    I love reading your blog and I have just started reading your mum’s books. I could put Memories of County Girlhood down last night and ended up reading the book cover to cover, finally finishing at gone midnight!

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you and I hope this e-mail finds you well.

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