Diana came home from shopping at Waitrose with, among other things, some very green bananas. Now, we don’t normally like green bananas. Those of us who like bananas (which does not include Diana) tend to like them slightly over-ripe, a delicate fussiness of taste which means having to catch them in the few minutes of their existence between unripe and blackened. It wasn’t Diana’s general dislike of bananas that caused her to bring home green ones. No, it was because they were on offer with money off. And why were they money off?

Now that’s the interesting question. They were on the shelf advertised as “home-ripening bananas” and they had reached their sell by date. Can’t take the risk of these bright green “home ripening bananas” accidentally ripening in the store, can we? No, quick, sell them off cheap before they become edible. And presumably, if they’re not sold, dump them in the skip.

Does anyone understand this? I don’t understand this.

The home ripening bananas grudgingly make room for an already ripe banana in the bowl