Why are car websites so bad?

I was intrigued by an Infiniti advert about its new hybrid model (Infiniti = posh Nissan, a bit like a Lexus is not a Toyota), so I went to the website. The site takes a while to load on less-than-hyperspeed Cornish broadband – lots of moving graphics and fine pictures of cars – but is singularly uninformative when you get there. The model I was intrigued by is front and centre of the home page, as you might expect for something being actively promoted, and you can click on the image to get to a page specific to that model. When you get there, you find a picture of the car which you can click to rotate so you can see it from different angles and a running news strip of its umpteen wondrous features. Clicking on the picture and the news strip does nothing. Nothing else seems specifically connected.

There is a general “download brochure” button, from which you have to re-state the model you are interested in (several clicks) and then enter your name and contact details, without which it will not let you download anything. Stuff that. I am rapidly losing interest in the car, and the brand. And the company.

However, in a spirit of undaunted exploration I click on the name of the model range in the top banner, from which in only one more click I arrive at another, different page for the model. Here I find some information. Why couldn’t this be the page I was first taken to? It doesn’t contain an overwhelming amount, and I had to wait a couple of seconds every time I clicked for the next piece, but it’s better than nothing. Just.

I hope their cars are better designed than their website, that’s all.

I’m not going to buy one.

For comparison I tried the Ford website: moving pictures everywhere, unasked-for music, and information only in tiny chunks. Hence my opening hypothesis: all car websites are bad. Can anyone find a counter-example to prove me wrong?

One thought on “Why are car websites so bad?

  1. Mazda (US) site is pretty good, I agree most of them are pretty bad, considering they are selling something that is a serous purchase, they should be made more easy to navigate and informative. You would think they would have the best website designers, no excuses why they don’t. I’ve actually bypassed several after a couple of minutes after so much frustration.

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